Business Model

HBAndroidLabs client-friendly business model is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes from startups to SMEs to large enterprises and create a highly sustainable and thriving customer base that works on the fundamental parameters of quality, timely delivery and maximum ROI. Choose from flexi-hiring models that suits your budget and business requirement.

Fixed Price Model

This is the perfect business model to cater to client requirements who are reasonably clear with their project details and specification like clearly defined scope, schedule and requirements. Not only does such model ensure prompt delivery, this is also the perfect choice for clients looking for a fixed budget – bound by NDA, service contract and assurance for getting the best Android app development services that is time-bound and with optimal costs.

Time and Material Model

This model works perfectly for projects with no clear conclusion on specifications or the scope, time required or the resources to be engaged. Here the cost is worked out in the end of the project based on time & material inputs. Here the development charges are fixed based on the hourly based development efforts. Project Management reports are stringently maintained to monitor hourly output, and to prevent budget escalation. Each time and material model project is assigned a dedicated development team with supported infrastructure that ensures seamless and successful completion of a project.

Dedicated Development Center Model

This model works as an extension of the client's business facility or development center. Here clients can choose dedicated developers / Development Teams as per their selection and requirement to work exclusively on their project under remote supervision. So it’s basically about a remote team utilizing our infrastructure to work exclusively on your project. This model allows the client to increase/diminish the team size or skill of Android developer anytime during an ongoing project without any administrative or overhead costs, as per the project requirement. Here the cost is designed per person/ month or a fixed monthly rate is agreed upon for the team.

Build-Operate-Transfer Model

In this model, we work by building an exclusive offshore facility for the client, operate the offshore facility and customize it as per the client's requirements – thus saving on cost and operational hassles. On maturity of the model, the complete ownership of the facility and resources is transferred to the client.

Do let us know which business model suits you best. You can also Get in touch with us for more details and support from our sales team.

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